Alpine Shredders’ 395 Hard Drive Shredder (HDS) Available on All New Models

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As the demand for onsite hard drive destruction increases, the need to shred hard drives with the same vehicle that shreds your paper has become necessary.

The Alpine solution is now an available option on all new truck builds. No more sending a dedicated truck just for hard drives…the extra driver and fuel costs alone shrink your profits to near zero.

The Alpine 395 HDS (hard drive shredder) has a seamless integrated curb side feed with the collected shreds also managed from the curb side. At a rate of 15-17 hard drives shred per minute, it’s easy to do 10-100 hard drives “on the fly” and not affect your scheduled route business. The shredder has a 5 ½” opening to accommodate desk top and laptop hard drives and once shredded dumps into a container under the body for easy disposal. Hydraulically driven by a direct drive planetary gear, the unit has incredible shredder power and will not overheat or slow down the more its used. Not only is it a simple and effective solution, you can also shred paper through the regular shredder at the same time!

Check out the video showing the 395 HDS in action.