This winter has been one of the coldest on record for most of the country. Those that work in the elements appreciate that spring has finally arrived. The heavy snow fall and extreme cold has been tough on all equipment. From a service standpoint not much changes from winter to summer and vice versa. These service reminders are all things that veteran equipment operators take for granted, however they are still worth going over with new employees and a good refresher for long term people.

  • If equipped on your shred truck the cooler bypass valve should be CLOSED yes “CLOSED FOR THE SUMMER”.
  • Ensure the hydraulic oil in your system is seasonally appropriate.
  • Change the hydraulic oil and the filter if necessary.
  • If equipped, check to ensure your tank and panel heaters are operating properly and or shut off.
  • Make sure your receptacle (ground fault is recommended) and extension cords are heavy enough and are in good repair. Put the extension cord away in good shape and it will save time in the fall. Tagging them is also a good idea.
  • Cooling fans should pull air through the cooler not push air. Blow out with compressed air or power wash the cooler fins to ensure they are clean.
  • If necessary replace the gearbox oil in the shredder and compactor with the correct factory approved gear oil which is listed in the manual that came with your truck.
  • The links from the transmission to the pumps also need to be maintained not only in the spring and fall but throughout the year. The PTO shafts need to be inspected to ensure there is no excessive play in the slip and spline area. Also ensure the lock bolts on the yokes at the PTO and pump end are tight (this was suggested by a customer that had one come loose). The u-joints should have no perceivable play in them when checked. Finally all three grease fittings on each shaft should be greased to the point that fresh grease is seen to be purged out from all four seals on the cross of the u-joints and out of the slip.
  • The truck chassis or engine and transmission also need to be serviced on a regular basis. If you look after this yourself or depend on a dealership or independent repair facility it is important to do the maintenance on a regular basis. Most dealers and independent repair facilities will be able to advise you on what needs to be done regularly and what should be done seasonally. Filter and oil changes give you the best maintenance bang for your buck.
  • Have your anti freeze checked to ensure it is of sufficient strength for the region the truck will be operating in. Those in the warmer climates should also use anti freeze in their vehicles, anti freeze is formulated to help dissipate engine heat quicker, has rust inhibitors and water pump lubricants.
  • Ensure you have windshield washer fluid (again climate specific) in the vehicle along with good wiper blades. There is nothing worse than having the wipers smear the bugs to the point where you can not see.

All suggestions made in this area of the publication can be found in the Owner / Service manuals.

– Mike Ulakovic