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Alpine Shredders History

Bar none, when it comes to experience and history with paper shredding and mobile truck equipment, Alpine Shredders Limited has an edge over its competitors.

Although Alpine Shredders corporate history began in 2004 it has a lineage in the shredding industry that began in 1985 and in the transportation equipment industry as far back as 1942.

All the stakeholders and employees at Alpine Shredders take great pride in this rich history. Many of whom have been involved in the shredding industry prior to the 2004 start up and remain valuable team members of Alpine Shredders to this day.

1942 George C. Doerr Body & Trailer Co. Ltd. began manufacturing quality transportation equipment, providing transportation solutions throughout Waterloo region and surrounding areas.

1985 Peter Viveen CET founding member began a career in the shredding industry. designing both mobile and plant based shredding systems for a global market.

1989 George Doerr P.Eng owner of Doerr Body & Trailer and founding member designed and built the first mobile shredding truck body that incorporated a side loader and dump hoist. Doerr Body and Alpine Shredders combined have produced over 1000 shredding truck bodies since 1989.

2004 George Doerr, Peter Viveen & Chuck Roy develop a new shredding truck that changed industry standards. Features such as pinch lift, stainless steel body components, aerodynamics, remote engine start, SLD engine management (AKA Predictive Idle), Select-A-Shred and an equipment layout that has been adopted by nearly all competitors today.

2004 AXO Shredders Corp. is born consisting of George, Peter & Chuck. AXO Shredders Corp. also included a 50/50 partnership with members of a newly formed shredding company from New Zealand.

2006 The North American partners of AXO Shredders Corp. consisting of George, Peter & Chuck acquired 95% of the shareholdings of AXO Shredders Corp.

2009 Alpine Shredders Limited partners George, Peter & Chuck absorbed AXO Shredders Corp. resulting in a 100% North American shareholding.

2011 Alpine Shredders introduces the first Dual Shred Truck capable of both pierce & tear shredding and a 5/16” grind with a push of a button.

2014 Alpine Shredders Limited proudly celebrated its 10th anniversary. With continuous innovation being at the forefront, Alpine launches a new product lineup featuring a lower center of gravity, improved handling, lower travel height, improved fuel economy, higher payload and superior corrosion protection. 2014 also marked an Alpine first and industry first CNG Shredding Truck as well as incorporates third party standalone hard drive shredder installed in shredder area.

2015 George Doerr the principal shareholder of Alpine Shredders Limited acquired 100% of shareholdings. An action that enabled Alpine Shredders to expand production to meet the growing demand.

2016 Alpine Shredders Limited designs and builds heavy duty hard drive shredder with same robust features as standard shredder integrated into the shredder drone area.

2019 Alpine Shredders Limited is acquired by Lynx Equity Limited enabling future growth. Alpine Shredders Limited continues “business as usual” with no changes with employees and management team. Plans begin to increase capacity as demand for Alpine Shredders equipment steadily increases.

2020 Alpine Shredders Limited launches simple VMAX model – a high performance  shredding with no PLC or computers to become outdated. This model is as simple and reliable as the rest of the Alpine lineup.

Alpine Shredders designs and builds premium quality purpose built Mobile Shredding Trucks. With its rich history and innovative culture Alpine will continue to lead the market place giving shredding operations a real advantage over their competition.